Academy Red Wagyus

Excellence In Breeding

Academy Red Wagyu Stud Bulls From 2010


The Academy Cattle Company was established in 1980 by Barbara Roberts-Thomson who very successfully bred Herefords and Poll Herefords for 25 years.  Curiosity arose when she first heard of Wagyu cattle having the best meat quality as defined by more tender, juicy and better tasting meat containing Omega 3 fat and omega 6 fatty acids which are beneficial to our health.

The first Wagyu cow was purchased in 1998 and a gradual changeover was made as the performance of these truly efficient and problem-free cattle was realised. A herd of top quality black Wagyus was built up over 12 years and in 2010 the stud was sold to Hughes Pastoral a large scale commercial Wagyu operation in Northern Australia. They acquired a property near Armidale for the purpose of breeding bulls for their own needs and Barbara was employed to do their genetic work.

The Academy Cattle Company also started breeding Red Wagyu in 2003 so she carried on with the Red genetics on her property and is doing some experimental work with high Tajima Red Wagyu cattle and Poll Red Wagyu’s.