Academy Red Wagyus

Excellence In Breeding


Welcome to the Academy Red Wagyu stud, a producer of the finest quality Fullblood, Purebred and Polled Red Wagyu cattle. The stud is carried out in the Northern Tablelands of N.S.W. Australia where we experience mild, wet summers and very cold frosty winters.

In the herd we continually strive to breed marbling into functional, efficient, high growth cattle. Bull production, semen, embryos and some stud females are our business and all available tools are used in the pursuit of excellence. Breedplan for growth, milk, carcass and fertility traits, embryo transfer, artificial insemination, Japanese SCD and Exon 5 testing and testing for all genetic disorders are routinely carried out.

It is our belief that in the near future up to 25% of commercial herds will be using Wagyu genetics for their superior meat quality, light birth weight calves, disease resistance and hardiness.

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