Academy Red Wagyus

Excellence In Breeding

Academy Red Wagyu Recital J34

Academy Red Wagyu Recital J34

Kumamoto or Akaushi Fullblood Red Wagyu’s

Fullblood Red Wagyus are highly prized for their marbling, their light birth weights, their ability to fatten on grass and for their phenotype which is more in line with the conventional western cattle – thick and square. They come from the Kuma moto Prefecture where grass is grown and they generally have higher weaning weights and shorter finishing times in the Feedlots. ARW’s foundation cow was KALFB0234, a great matron and the dam of 28 superior progeny. The leading sires are ACCFE0146, SMOFE0211 and now ARWFH0018 and ARWFJ0034.

Academy Red Wagyu Fuji F20 – Sire of the “J” bred heifers