Academy Red Wagyus

Excellence In Breeding

Academy Kimo K26, Academy Suttsu K18 and Academy Asinta K9 all by Sumo Big Al E211

Red x Black Wagyus

In my quest for high marbling Red Wagyu cattle some of the original Academy black Wagyu cows were purchased back to join to the Red bulls. These old cows have very high and accurate performance data and are more closely related to Rueshaw. The seven oldest cows are all rising 16 years old and I have registered 14 natural calves each with no twins and they are all pregnant again and look very well.  An example of the foundation cows ACCPU0012 and U0005. The sire below  is HPC Yoho H13 who is out of ACCPD0094 (high Tajima Red and by Sumo Big Al E211 a Kumamoto Red. Our young red sire is ARW Empire K5. About half the progeny came out red and half black - see heifers above. The majority of the bull calves will be sold as heifer bulls into regular commercial herds.

Academy Red Wagyus Yoho H13

Red x Black Heifers

Red x Black Heifer Bulls


ACC Wagyu Suttsu U11 with calf by Sumo Big Al E211

ARW Suki K16