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ACC Kimo Z5

The High Tajima Red Wagyu’s

Our first two high Tajima Reds came as a surprise in 2004 out of black cows that had black genetics back to 4 and 5 generations but there in their pedigree was a double cross of Rueshaw FB101, the Fullblood Red Wagyu imported from Japan who was their National Champion in 1976. Subsequently a small number of Red calves both bulls and females have been born with quite different pedigrees but with red back at 6 and 7 generations. These animals are treasured and are the basis of a red herd of high performance, high IMF Wagyus. The foundation cows of this herd were ACCPZ0005 and Z0024 and more recently HPCPJ0271, HPCPJ0342, HPCPJ0354 and others. Our first sire was  ACCPA0013 born in 2005 and more recently HPCPJ0202, HPCPJ02282  and HPCPK0097.

Pictured below left is HPC K1 J202 and on the left in the right hand photo HPC Kai J282 with Recital J34.

The first two cows born in 2004 ACCPZ0005 and ACCPZ0024 are pictured below the bulls, and below them ACCPA0029 and on her right her daughter ACCPD0094 .

The High Tajima Red cows all have generations of predominantly High Tajima cattle, but all go back with a double cross of the highly regarded PEDFA101 Rueshaw imported from Japan in the early 70's. These cattle, the oldest born in 2004 have been selectively bred to Kumamoto Red sires to stabalize the red colour and their daughters will be bred back to our two high marbeling Red sires in HPCPJ0202 and J2082. High IMF scan readings have been recorded in these cows for many years.

J202 & J282 (pictured left with Recital J34) are the two current sires who both came from both sire and dams who scanned high in IMF. Recital J34, a Kumamoto Red will be used to stabalize the Red colour on the red females with straight black pedigree's, which includes all cows pictured on this page.

ACC Suki A29 with ACC Suki D94

The Wright Wagyu  Suki D94 calf Academy Red Wagyu G7

Academy Cattle Company Suttso Z24

ACC Wagyu Suttso Z24

The Wright Wagyu Sayonara J271