Academy Red Wagyus

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Academy Red Wagyu Hiawatha J21 F2 (poll bull) 

The Poll Red Wagyus

In my quest to stay ahead of future trends a Poll Red Wagyu herd is being developed with the base animal being stud Senepol cows. Fullblood Red Wagyu bulls have been used over these cows to start the herd and ARW1H0021, H0023 and J0017 are three of the offspring - pictured below. These cows will be been bred back to ARW1J0021 and it is hoped that poll calves will be the result.

The above pictures show the stud Senepol cows who have been bred to red Wagyu Sires. The younger cows are F1 females and all are polled and have been bred back to Red Wagyu Sires again. The top pictures are F1 and F2 calves. The calf G38 in the picture below is ARW Hiawatha J21 with his dam.  He is a polled F2, he will be used over the F1 and F2 heifers to stabalize the poll gene.

Academy Red Wagyu Honey G38 and calf Hiawatha J21

Foundation Stud Senepol Cows For The Polling Herd

MWZ478 Makim Wright Honey Z478 dam of G38, Grand dam of J21

Senepol cow MWC7, the dam of H21

Cenepol Stud Cows The dams of H20 and H23

Academy Red Wagyu Hiawatha J21